About Me

Hello all!

This is the personal webpage of Ian Medeiros (i.e., me), enthusiast for all things photosynthetic (especially lichens) and recent graduate of Maine’s College of the Atlantic. For the summer of 2016,  I am working for the Colorado Natural Heritage Program conducting vegetation mapping fieldwork in Texas and Florida; once that’s done, I’ll (probably) head back to the northeast to continue working on unfinished projects from my time at COA and apply to grad school.

This website serves a few different purposes. First, it gives me a place to put up my CV alongside longer descriptions of what I am currently working on and what I have previously down. Second, it provides me with a platform to blog about things I… want to blog about (although with one post in three years, my blogging isn’t going very well). Third, it is a place where I can compile links to online resources I’ve found useful (or fun), in the hope that they will be of use to other people.

Have a great day, and feel free to email me (see my CV for contact details) if you want to talk about the work I do.




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